LTSC became known for bringing the dark side of life to light and raising funds to aid in helping those people handle their struggles.

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Here is information on how you can donate to our cause and help those in the community.

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About Us

We may seem like a big deal, however that is far from the truth. We started out as a group of misfits who loved cars and our community; so we brought what we love together.

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Why We Do What We Do.


For a long time every single member of Lake Town Street Crew was what you would call a "loner" or "outcast". The one thing we all had in common was the love of the engine and the beautiful dress it was decorated with.

We've used our love for automobiles in a way to gather others who share the same enthusiasm. It's not just the external beauty of the machine but also the internal chaos that works to produce strength and power.

Bringing all of these people together has allowed us to become stronger in ourselves and pass that on to others.


Accepting Donations

All donations will go to this years 2018 suicide awareness fundraiser charity.